Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My Sweet Tooth is HURTING!! Thank you Gymboree!!

AHHHH... it is like Gymboree is out to sabotage my bank account..haha!! So they have a couple new lines out.. Sweeter Than Candy for Newborns, and Tea for Two for Older Babies!!! I was just telling Jessica today that I was not going to use all $75.00 in Gymbucks that I currently have.. that I would surely sell at least one on Ebay. Well my friends.. that is NOT going to happen! Here is a sweet little sampling of what is in my shopping cart, just waiting until Gymbuck redemption day!!!!
Sweeter Than Candy:
Tea For Two
I must say that little hat from the tea line.. it makes me smile everytime I imagine my little Lucy wearing it!! Okay.. off to think of an explanation for Bobby as to why I NEED everything you see above!! Have a great Week!!!
Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bitter Sweet Blooms :)

So Friday my boys picked this pretty bouquet...

Really Really Sweet Right??? Well it would have been so if I didn't get flower delivery while I was upstairs on my computer. You see Bobby was long gone to work, and since I do not have one single house plant, I was only to assume that this meant they had gone outside.. ALONE! Now, we have all of these flowers right outside our front door.. some are ours, some are the neighbors, so I am hoping they did not go anywhere near the street.. I am choosing to believe this :) So after I thanked them for their thoughtfulness, we had a discussion about why we do not go outside without an adult. I am hoping that from now on they stick to indoor sweetness, and we plan on investing in a chain lock this weekend... just in case!
Thursday, June 25, 2009

Moments in Time

Do you ever have moments that you wish time would just stand still. Moments you beg your mind not to forget five, ten, fifty years from now. You are just happy, and life is just simple. I plead with my own brain.."Please remember this second forever"!

The other night I was cooking dinner in my kitchen, Bobby was BBQing and the boys were out in the backyard with him. I was all caught up in what I was doing when I looked out the back window and my heart was all of a sudden so happy! I saw my boys swinging while their Daddy pushed them! Our dog Oliver was right there trying to get the boys feet as they swung, and all of my guys were laughing really hard! I enjoyed the happiness for a while, and then raced up stairs to grab my camera, desperate to capture that moment! By the time I got back downstairs, Bobby was back to grilling, and Oliver was back to begging for food at his feet, but I did manage to get quite a cute shot of the boys!
So in my desperate attempt to never forget the happiness in that moment, I decided to come here, and share it with whomever reads this. Hope everyone is having wonderful week!!
Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bump Update

Here is a recent photo of the baby bump!

Everything has been going pretty well this time around! I am growing and measuring far better then with the boys, which means less chance of her coming as early as they did. I have had a ton of energy (well most of the time!!), and have been quite the litle nester lately! Her closet and room are painted, and the furniture is up and ready to go. I am waiting on her bedding and soon will have a completed nursey! I am also waiting on my Gestational Diabeties results, but am hoping no news is good news! Other then that, I am just trying to take it easy and enjoy my last pregnancy! Soon we will be a family of 5.. WOW!! :) :) :) :)

Lucy's Shower

My Sister and Mom hosted an AWESOME shower for Lucy and I a few weeks ago! It was an umbrella theme and the pictures do not do it justice! They hung umbrellas from my parents high, high ceilings, and the party favors my sister made were beautiful! Here are a few pictures from the shindig :)

Umbrellas on the Ceiling :)
Aren't this Flamingos Fun!! Loved them!!!

The cake... with little Lucy's ultrasound photo!!

Party Favors
Here is what was inside! My sister made these necklaces!! Opening Some gifts!!
The Onsie Says " I am NOT a boy".. haha :)
My Boys enjoying the party.. well mainly the cake ;)
It was a beautiful shower, and a ton of fun! My Sister and Mama are the best!!!
Sunday, June 21, 2009

Our Very Own Super Hero.. Our Daddy!!!

My boys think Bobby is a Super Hero.. they are in awe of everything he does. I cannot explain the look on their face when he walks in the door after work, or how much they idolize him! I run their world.. he is their world! They were blessed with a great Daddy.. a strong man to look up to who walks the line between their best friend and the disciplinarian so so so well. I have no doubt my boys will one day be great men, and they have Bobby to thank for that! I hope everyone is having a great Father's Day!

I also wanted to add a letter that Lucy ( well mostly Mommy :) wrote to her Daddy in her Father's Day Card:

Dear Daddy,
I cannot wait to meet you Daddy. I cannot wait to dance on your feet, and have tea parties with you! I cannot wait for you to scare boys away, and eventually walk me down the isle! I love you Daddy and I cannot wait to meet the man who in my mind will always be the greatest man who ever lived!I cannot wait to be your princess.. Daddys little girl forever and always!
Monday, June 15, 2009

Worry Worry

We just got home from yet another FUN California trip. This one included my Baby Shower! I plan to do a whole post on that wonderful event, when I can muster some energy to transfer pictures! I will say that my Sister and Mom outdid themselves... it was beautiful! This post, however, is about the ride home. It takes about 5 hours from the time we pull out of my Parent's driveway until we reach out front door. Bobby and I spent the first couple hours talking. Strolling down memory lane, and they boys snoozed in the back. We went back, and dreamed forward.. and soon we sat in a comfortable silence. As he listened to talk radio, my mind began to wander. I have been thinking a lot lately about the Mother I hope I am to my Daughter. I hope when she grows up, and looks back on her Mother, I hope she sees someone who was there 100%. I hope she always knows she can come to me with anything. I hope she can one day be a great Mother, because I was one to her. I have all the same hopes for my beautiful boys, but I feel like I am now taking on the roll with Lucy, that Bobby has had with them. I have to be the one she models herself after! I know that I give all of myself to my family everyday, but still I worry worry worry. Will I set the best example for her, will I be a great Mother to a Daughter??? I have no idea what lies ahead, all I know is that I will continue to do my absolute best for my family. Hoping that in the end each one of them knows that I love them with every bit of my heart. Hope everyone had a great weekend :)!!
Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Ending of An Era!

My sweet little Jakey GRADUATED PRESCHOOL last Thursday!! It is SO hard to believe he will be heading off to Kindergarten in a few short months! I was very emotional when I picked him up from school for the last time, and seeing him all dressed up in his little paper hat melted my heart! He sang a few adorable songs, and my baby got his first little diploma! I am very proud of him, he is a mother's dream (99% of the time :) ) and watching him grow up is so so so bittersweet! He is already missing Ms. Tracy, whom he adores! One graduation down.. and if you count preschool, kindergarten and high school with 3 kiddos.. I only have 8 more days of being a COMPLETE emotional wreck :)!! Here are some pictures.. enjoy!!
Jakob in his Graduation Cap
Jakob and his best bud Kaleb.. they take the funniest pictures!!
He loves Ms. Tracy!!
Family Shot before the Graduation!

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