Sunday, January 25, 2009

Catch up :)

I haven't updated in forever! In my defense this pregnancy has been giving me a run for my money! I did however get out and about quite a bit this weekend with Bobby and my boys!
On Saturday we met Jessica, Matt and the boys for lunch. After we headed to Anthem to play at the park and ride the train! The boys were so cute! As we walked up to the train Karson yelled "All Aboard".. it was adorable! Then the conductor let each of the boys say "All Aboard" into the microphone.. granted we were the only riders at the time, but it was really cute all the same! We finished up the day with our friends with some Coldstone...yum! This morning we decided to go hiking! With a two little ones, and a pregnant wife, we opted for an easy flat trail. We drove a short way to the White Tanks, and hiked (or walked :) the Waterfall Trail.. it was very pretty! After we had a picnic lunch, and let the boys play at the little playground by the trail! It was such a nice day, and being out in the fresh air and sunshine was great! The bad news is that I forgot my camera both days, so I have no pictures of the fun :( !! I decided instead to post some pictures from way back when (haha) we first met Matt and Jess, and we went to Makutu's Island... Jakob and Kaleb were off running a muck, and sweet baby Koen wasn't here yet so these photo's only show Aiden and Karson, I cannot believe how little they were!!
Since Kaleb and Jakob were not in the last pictures, here is one of them at the Zoo from around the same time:
Arn't they sweet! Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

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