Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Aiden!

My sweet Aiden, my baby, is 3 years old today. I am not even close to okay with my boys growing up, and today has been hard. Three years ago I had just met my Aiden. My life would change forever. I can remember holding him, and I couldn't imagine my life without him. I had this new little person to love, and I had no idea of the BIG personality he would grow into. Jakob was a smart, thoughtful, serious child. Aiden has been a whole new world. He is silly, and cuddly, and fun! He is also independent and persistent.. no one is making Aiden do a thing he doesn't want to do! These traits will probably take him far as an adult, but boy can he give Mommy a run for her money. Aiden makes silly faces, sings all the time, and is happiest when he is making someone laugh! Bobby says that he is sure to be the class clown! He is our little Aiden... and with every new phase comes more and more to love. I was blessed on this day three years ago, and although it breaks my heart to think he is growing up, I cannot wait to see who he becomes!
Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Aiden the Big Boy!

So we have been in potty training mode around here. Aiden will be 3 years old in 8 days and the time has come. Luckily he is VERY interested lately. He spent Thursday and Friday in underwear with only one accident in two days. Saturday we headed out to California, and although he was in underwear alot of the time on Saturday and Sunday, the excitment of being at Mimi and Papa's (my parents) house was far to much. So after 3 accidents, he wore pull-ups the rest of our stay. I was worried, but he jumped right back in today, and has been back in undies all day! Yay Aiden! I am VERY proud of him, all the while staying realistic about this whole thing! I cannot wait to have him out of diapers/pull ups.. but here are a few speedbumps along this journey that are driving me bananas!

1. He now despises diapers, it is a HUGE fight to get him in one at bedtime, and even then the underwear MUST be on top of the diaper!

2. AIM.. he has none.. I am a toilet cleaning machine!

3. He is in this phase, not only with potty training but with everything, where he has to do, have, be, say, EVERYTHING Jakob does! So I had to go out and buy Aiden all the same underwear Jakob owns, or he would cry and cry that he wanted " both the same" as he says. It is adorable that he looks up to Jake, and wants to be just like him, but WHEW I am exhausted around here!

Here is a photo of my boys in there matching Ninja Turtle Underwear.. being "Both the Same" :):
Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sweet Memories

Bobby and I in 2004
Sweet Little Jakey 17 months old
Baby Aiden on the day he was born
Monday, March 2, 2009

Jason Mesnick is Disgusting... Spoiler Alert!!!!!!!

WOW! I just watched the season finale of the Bachelor and I am sick to my stomach! So... the sweet, amazing, perfect single father from Seattle is a PIG! After spending his last days with the girls.. he chose Melissa. They seemed happy, kissed, hugged, jumped into the pool with their clothes, on yada yada yada! Then came the after show! He brings his FIANCE out and breaks up with her... on LIVE TV! Then not 10 minutes later he brings Molly out and tells her he loves her... and kisses her about 10 times! SICK! I understand he has to follow his heart, but does that mean breaking Melissa's heart in front of millions of viewers! I think something as intense as breaking off an engagement should be done in private! Then there is Molly. I understand she wanted him to change his mind, but where is your self respect. He JUST broke off his engagement, can we hold off on the make out session! I would never want to be someones second choice. I could not be with a man who sent me packin' and told me he was in love with someone else, who let me cry for 6 weeks, who led another women on for that time. It is pathetic! I am also disgusted with that fact that he has had Melissa around his adorable son Ty for the past month, as his fiance, and what is going to do now.. tell his 4 year old..oops Daddy made a mistake Molly is going to be your new step mom instead. Gross! All in all I think he is just the kind of man who jumps ship when things get hard. Most likely he and Melissa had a few arguments, like most couples do, and he wants everything to be an easy fairytale. I jokingly told Jess that he will be calling Jillian in 6 weeks, and then Naomi! Haha :)! Although, I think either of them would tell him to pound sand! I am so sad for Melissa, no one deserves what she went through! So those are my thoughts :)

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