Thursday, April 30, 2009

This and That From Our Week

The Game Room
This has been something Bobby has dreamed of for years... we were literally living in my parent's basement, and having conversations about his future game room. Well when we bought our house over a year ago, his dreams came true and he had a room to call his own. However, for the past year his beloved game room has been nothing more then a cream colored room, cluttered with toys, and whatever else made it's way up there. Well, that all changed last weekend! After waiting and waiting we started the room. For now just paint (Blue and Orange Chicago Bears Paint :) , and furniture movements... but very soon will come a new fan, a cool Chicago Bears rug, and the hanging and placement of all the precious memorabilia he has been collecting all these years. He had a very clear picture of what he wanted.. and throwing some paint on the wall would not do. He wanted stripes, and I wanted the room to be just what he pictured. So I gladly took on hours and hours of painting and touching up lines.. and it came out perfect. He LOVES it, and I love watching him all excited! I will post more pictures when it is all complete, but here is a sneak peek:

He Loves Me... He Loves Me A LOT!

I opened the door the other day to find my sweet Hubby home from work, holding a bouquet of flowers... Yellow Tulips to be exact! It made my week!

Potty Training Success at Last???

We have been potty training Aiden for last couple weeks. This is not our first go at it, not by any means... but it was definitely time!! Well I am SO proud to report we have gone well over a week in underwear all day ( at home and out), and he has even been in underwear overnight for 4 consecutive nights with no bed wetting! I am hoping that this will be it, and it certainly seems that way... but we shall see??? Either way he has sure made his Mama proud lately! Here is my little "BIG BOY" being his silly self!

Other then that we have had a pretty normal week.. well besides me FREAKING OUT about Swine Flu! Bobby thinks I am quite funny. There have been small numbers here in AZ, so we have not resorted to full isolation, but we are playing it safe. You will not find my boys in a McDonalds Playland or WalMart Shopping Cart for the time being, but I am continuing to host play dates and I am very excited to catch up with everyone tomorrow! Alright I am off to load dinner dishes into the washer, and get ready for out play date in the morning! Hope everyone is having an awesome week!!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wow Wow Morals :)

Wow Wow Wubzy ( on Noggin) is one of my kiddos favorite shows! There is a song that basically telling them not to lie. So instead of my boys calling eachother liars.. they accuse eachother in song. Several times a day I hear " Don't Lie, Don't Lie, Dontcha blame it on the other guy" coming out of one of their mouths! It is hilarious and always make me smile! Who says TV doesn't teach kids anything ;) !! Have a great day!!
Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hula Baby!!!

I once again found myself in Gymboree today :) Shopping for Lucy of course!! I have been obsessed with the Hula Baby line for a couple weeks now, and I finally broke down and made some purchases!! Here is my FAVORITE of all my buys!!

What outfit would be complete without the headband!!!
Sunday, April 19, 2009

Busy Busy Weekend!

This weekend has been a crazy one! Friday morning I hosted a playdate at my house. The kiddos played in Shaving Cream, and it was messy fun. I took advantage of one of last 80 degree days we may get for a while, and held the entire playdate out back! Which was wonderful when it came time to cleanup! After we went to lunch with friends, came home and took a nap, and then in the evening we headed to Courtney's. As some of you may know Bobby changed squads in November, I was very worried I would dislike the change, however the squad ended being **AWESOME** and I met some great friends, Courtney being one of them!! Saturday morning rolled around and the yard really really needed some TLC, so Bob and I headed out and weeded, mowed, edged..etc. ( To be honest I weeded some, and Bobby did the brunt of it.) At around 3:00 we were off to a Bday party in Paradise Valley, when I got a call from our friend Matt telling me that Jessica was being prepared to have their daughter! So after the party we went straight to Scottsdale to see Jess and her sweet little Kassidy! After grabbing some food, bathing the boys, and watching Survivor, we climbed into bed around 11pm. Sunday we were once again up and off to another Bday party. The boys were loving all the fun this weekend!!! A trip to Kohls to spend my Kohls cash came next!! Bobby got some summer essentials and we headed home. So here I am on the computer, taking a breather.. but just a short one. Hope everyone had a nice weekend.. I am now off to Scottsdale to cuddle Kassidy ( and make a pit stop at Gymboree... I have Gymbucks too :) !!!
Friday, April 10, 2009

It's Officially a Girl!

Here is our little Lucy!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Smell of Memories

So they say that scent is the closest sense linked to memory. I had an experience today that just may make me a believer! I was looking for a certain Guns and Roses CD and the search lead me to Bobby's old black CD case. I opened it and was instantly hit with such a familiar smell. It was the scent of Bobby's truck. The truck he drove when I met him. A big, white, lifted, diesel engine, Ford! That truck, I cannot tell you the memories that involve the truck! I sat for a few seconds and took in that smell! It isn't a gross scent, or one produced by an air freshener.. it was just the scent of Bob's truck! It took me back.. to parties, and friends, and so many wonderful memories with the people who help make us who we are! Whether it was all nighters at Jay and Mel's, New Years at Danny's or just simply Taco Tuesday at Mexico Lindo... it was always fun! Bobby and I were introduced by his friend Matt and my friend in 2002. The summer that followed was one of the funnest times in our lives! I think Bob and I would both agree that our life today is blessed, happy and so much more then we could wish for but I couldn't put into words how much it makes me smile inside to remember that summer, and all the memories that were made!

This picture is from 4th of July 2002 ( the day we became an official couple), and It was the first picture we ever took together. This picture was taken with a disposable camera, and has been through many moves, and finally scanned into my computer. Also I would like to add that this was taken after a long day at the beach ( and maybe a few beers :) and it shows :) But I love it, and all the memories that followed this day, and this picture!

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