Friday, January 29, 2010

New Years Resolution- Rethink!

I have been a busy girl lately. Organizing, Painting Decorating, Sewing, add three kiddos in the mix and you have CHAOS! Fortunately it is the fun kind of chaos! This year instead of my normal resolution to shed some pounds ( which I could totally stand to do), I decided to rethink how we live over here at Casa De Kimery :) I have vowed to get organized, which has been a daunting task- we had WAY to much junk laying around. I have also vowed to save more, and spend less! When we do spend we want to focus on things that last or matter. Things like sprucing up the house, or saving for a trip to Idaho. We are on a one month no eating out strike, and we have done very well so far! So put simply my New Years Resolution is Life Simplified.. you know like the Target commercials ;) haha!

One place I tend to spend WAY to much money is clothing! I buy for the boys, Bobby, myself, and of course Lucy! So in order to cut back in that area I have decided to be a REfashionista! As in, go through my closet and use things I no longer wear to make new fun pieces! I LOVE to sew, and fabric can be so expensive, so it is a win win!
Here is my first go:
I had this black and white print dress that I bought and never wore, and a cute yellow top that I love, but is way to tight these days:
So I turned them into a belted dress instead. It may not be for everyone but I love yellow, black and white together! The only thing I plan to do is make a cuter belt.. I am thinking wider with some random yellow stitching!
It turned out better then I expected, so I am quite happy. I have plans for many more, as well as some cute things for my Lucy! In no way do I plan to stop shopping all together, lets face it, I am a girl! However I can cut back, and with the pile of clothes I pulled from my closet to redo, I may be able to cut back in style ;)!

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