Thursday, February 11, 2010

A New Direction in all Directions!

So, where do I start! My kiddos, husband and home are my world these days... I am lucky, and blessed, and love my role in this world, but somewhere I have lost a little bit of me! I have been trying to spruce up all aspects of my life lately.. my home, what we eat, falling back in love with sewing and all things crafty, while promising to be thrifty along the way! I will continue to write about my babies and my hubby... because they are the center of my universe and all ( wine is the secret.. a glass a day keeps the crazy irritated Mommy away :), but I am going to let this be a place to log all the crafty things I have promised myself I will do going forward! I love to take a bunch of nothing and turn into something beautiful, and I am going to start doing that again! I want to remember all the things I have created, so I will blog them! So to set things off, here is the thing that brought me and my sewing machine back together- Hooded Towels :) They were Christmas presents and they turned out really cute!
This first set was for three little boys I love a ton who are brothers. I an going to have to make their sister one soon!
This one was for my niece and was SO much fun to make that I recently made another just like it for an upcoming Bday gift!

This brother-sister set was for my niece and nephew:

I am SO bummed because I made another set of three for my older brother kiddos, and a Batman one for my nephew Landon, complete with a mask and ears... but took no photos of them! I just bought some adorable heart towels on Valentines clearance at Target for Lucy, and I have plans for Marvel Superhero towels to match the boys room! This was a fun project and all the kiddos loved their towels! Happy Crafting!

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