Sunday, August 24, 2008

Weekend Fun!

Bobby had already left for work on Thursday evening, and I was about to get comfy and veg out to a Lifetime movie when I got a GREAT phone call. It was my sister and she was calling to let me know that she, my brother-in-law, nephew and my MOM were coming to visit me for the weekend! I miss my family SO very much and I am always so excited when they visit. Thursday night and friday drug on, and finally friday night rolled around and they were here! It was a fun weekend... We got went to pick up my bridemaid dress, had a yummy lunch, then headed to Hobby Lobby to look for centerpiece items! After getting home and being lazy for a while my Mom, Sister and I headed to Chilli's for some girl time.. SO FUN! The boys had a blast with everyone! This was the first visit that my nephew was able to actually play with Jakob and Aiden... it was quite cute watching them all! Here is are some pictures of them:

After all of that playing they were pooped and crashed out:

Isnt he sweet!

As always I was very sad to watch them go! Although I do have quite a few things to look forward to... a trip to Idaho very soon, another visit from my family (including my DAD :) in early Sept, two weeks in Cali for my sisters wedding in October, Jakob's Bday party Oct. 11th, Thanksgiving with my family at my house, and Melody's wedding in November in Cali...FUN!!
Friday, August 8, 2008

Anniversary Luau

A few weeks back my family and I packed up for a trip to California! This was a special trip because we went to celebrate my parents 25Th wedding anniversary!! My siblings and I threw them a Luau themed bash.. it was SO fun! Here are some shots of the night:

Here is the honorary couple:

Bobby and I:

Myself, My Sister Sarah, My Father Al, My Mother Lori, and my little Brother Joshua..holding a rootbeer ;) !!!

Jakob and some Pals:

My sister and I found this AWESOME cutout while shopping for Luau decor and we had to buy it! It turned out to be a great purchase and a big hit at the party! Here are a few shots of us:

Bobby and I:

Sarah and Jeff... looking pretty Jeffery... and Sarah what a STUD!!

My Mamma and Daddy!

The party was alot of fun! Cheers to twenty-five years!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Jakob's First Day Of Preschool

Here are some pictures of my sweet little man before his first day of school!

I was very a little worried that he was going to be timid, but he jumped right in! As soon as we got there he ran and started playing with a couple kids, not one tear shed.. well at least not by Jakob! Aiden FREAKED out that we were leaving Jakob behind and had a FIT all the way out to the car. One chocolate milk and about ten minutes later he was fine, and we ended up really enjoying our special time! When we went to pick Jake up they ran to eachother and hugged like it had been years since they had seen one another! It was very cute!

He had an AWESOME time at school, and LOVES his teacher! He was so excited on the ride home, he just went on and on about every detail! I am so proud of him! I cannot wait to see how the rest of the year goes!!


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