Wednesday, July 29, 2009


It is almost 4 am, I woke up a little while ago.. STARVING! So I ate, and when I came upstairs I saw that I had a little visitor who snuck into Mommy's bed while I was downstairs. I love to watch Aiden sleep, he looks so little and I still see that baby boy in him! It got me thinking about how fast time goes by, and all the changes that are coming for our family in just a few weeks. I went into Jake's room, and sat on his bed. He was cuddled up asleep, and I could still see my little baby in him too. But he is not a baby anymore, in just 12 days he will be a Kindergartner! He will be gone almost seven hours a day.. and I will miss him all seven of those hours! I want to freeze time. I want to have a few more months, this is much harder then I anticipated it to be. I want Aiden to quit getting so big.. everyday he says and does something new, and my baby becomes less and less of a baby. As much as I am tired of being pregnant, in a small way I am dreading the end of it. I know that the last time I feel her kick, or move, will be the last time I EVER experience that. I know that the last time I look down at my big baby belly.. it will be the last time I see myself that way. That has been the hardest part of this pregnancy by far.. knowing that it will be the last positive test I see, the last first kick, the last ultrasound.. it has not been easy. I am so happy to have been blessed with my babies, and I know three is the right amount for our family. I am also excited to begin this new chapter of our lives, with our kids getting older, and our family being able to have new experiences. I wish I could have both.. maybe a time machine :) !! Wow, I actually feel a lot better! I know that I have been a little bit of an emotional blogging mess lately.. but I want to remember how I felt at this time.

So other then crying constantly, I have also been scatter brained. I forgot about a play date I was supposed to host on Monday. My friends arrived to find me in my P.J's, looking a mess. Thankfully I have some very understanding ladies as friends, and there was no harm done! I have also been misplacing almost everything lately. I spend quite a while each day searching for my cell phone, car keys, wedding rings, the remote.. I am just happy I have been able to keep tabs on my children :)!

On a great note.. I have a Dr Appt at 9 am this morning, and I am having an ultrasound. I LOVE seeing my little girl every week! Also, Gymboree came out with an adorable Owl line for baby girls, and I was fortunate enough to get a coupon from my sweet friend Cortney this weekend! I am so excited to head to the store this weekend and pick something out for my Lucy! So I am off to try my best to go back to sleep, and if not I can just snuggle my Aiden monkey for a while!

And just in case you needed proof that these two look adorable when they sleep.. here you go:
Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What a FUN Weekend!

This has been such a fun weekend!

This lovely lady came to visit for the weekend!
And although I missed this little guy: We had a GREAT time!!
My sister is really the best.. and not because I am biased.. she just is the BEST! On her drive out here, her air conditioning went out. So she drove over 2 hours in 100+ temps, and you know what.. she got here and had a huge smile on her face. She was a literal hot mess... but one thing I love about my sister is that she is always smiling.. which makes me smile every second I get to spend with her!
Friday we just ran some errands, bought some frozen pizza's at Fry's, hit up Sonic's for some yummy drinks and headed home to be lazy! Let me tell you my day to day stuff is alot more fun with Sarah joining us! We got up Saturday with every intention of heading to Glendale and going antiqueing. However once we stepped out into the 115 degree sweatbox that was the valley.. we opted for IHOP pancakes, and Target shopping instead! When we got home my three fellas and I had a Bday party to attend.. so my sister stayed at out house to finish up the mobile she made for Lucy's Room.. here is the final product.. isn't it ADORABLE.. I LOVE it, and it looks amazing in her room!!
The party was for a sweet little girl... so it was a Sweet Shoppe theme. The decorations were really cute and there was candy galore! I wish I could say that my boys alone loaded up on candy.. but the sad sad truth was that Mommy spent ALOT more time around the candy and sweets then the boys.. although they got their fill! They had a wonderful time playing with their friends!! After the party we headed back to the house. It is a very rare occasion that Bobby and I spend time without our kiddos.. maybe twice a year!! So you can only imagine my excitement that my sister said she would watch the boys so we could get away Saturday night! We went to see Harry Potter with Matt and Jess ( I LOVE Harry Potter!!).. the movie was really good! After we met up with our friends at Salty's and Bobby had a few drinks.. we didn't stay long but it was fun, and the company was GREAT! The boys had an awesome time with their Auntie, and we were so thankful for our date night!
Sunday brought more fun! My best bud :) Jessica was hosting a baby shower for Lucy and I that afternoon. So I spent the morning primping.. trying to make myself look cute.. which tends to be difficult when your 8 months pregnant! The shower was PERFECT.. Jessica really outdid herself. The decorations were beautiful.. and the food was delicious. She had a chocolate fountain.. need I say more!!!! So many of my wonderful friends were there, and they all made me feel truly special! It was a really fun and relaxing afternoon, like I said perfect!! Jessica you are my best.. Thank you SO SO SO much!!!

Sadly my sister had to head home after the shower.. I was bummed, but the fact that she will be here for almost a month around the time Lucy arrives made it easier! Bobby and I rented some movies that night, and ate junk food on the couch!

Now I know Monday isn't the weekend to most.. but the hubby was home, so we got a bonus day! Bobby did have to go to court in the morning, but when he got home around noon he was sweet enough to let me take a nap... a 3 hour nap! Once I finally rolled out of bed I felt so good I told him we had to go do something.. energy like that is rare for me these days! So we got some dinner, and then headed to Scottsdale to see Ice Age 3 at the drive-in. The boys were really good, they loved the movie.. and I loved that we drove through Dunkin Donuts to get a half dozen on the way out there! Donuts and a movie.. in the comforts of your own SUV.. alot of fun!
So there you have it.. my recipe for an awesome weekend! This weeks brings a playdate, a prenatal appointment ( I get to see my baby girl :), a Pedicure night with the girls on Thursday, and our baby shower with our squad family ( Bobby's police buddies and their wonderful wives and kiddos!).. so let the fun continue!! And just because he is so silly....

Hope you all are having a great week too!!!!
Thursday, July 16, 2009

16 and Pregnant

So I just got done watching this week's episode. By the end of every episode I am usually thinking that the new teenage parents have NO clue what they have gotten themselves into. Most of them have been quite immature about the whole process. The have chosen to act entiled tword those who are helping them, fight with one another at every turn, and pretty much act like most 16 year old kids do.. I know that I was quite the spolied brat at that age! Parenting is not easy, and I think that most of the couples on that show need a reality check. I had Jakob at 19 and I know that I had a pretty unrealistic view of what it took to be a mother. However this week MTV featured a couple who was very different. They decided to place their daughter for adoption. The most ironic thing is that they were by far the most mature of all the couples. They had a great relationship and seemed to truly love each other. The father of the baby was so loving to the mother, and they both had good heads on their shoulders. Coming from homes that were not the best, they decided they did not want to repeat the cycle. They did the most selfless thing I can imagine. They truly made the adoptive parents dreams come true, and although it was VERY hard on them they knew that their daughter would have a much better life this way. Being 8 months pregnant, I cannot imagine coming home from the hospital without my child. I cannot say that had I gotten pregnant at 16 years old that I could have been as strong. I think that the teenagers on tonight's episode truly understood what it means to be parents. As a mother I know that it is all about sacrifice, and you have to put your own needs aside when you have children. The only difference is that although I sacrifice, I get to watch my babies grow, I get to be with them each day. They were truly brave to do what they did, and I think once day that little girl will thank them tremendously! I have a new respect for those who selflessly give children up for adoption in order to better the child's life. It was such a sad, yet very beautiful episode. I hope all the other teen parents who were featured this season watched tonight. I think they could learn something about the true meaning of loving a child! I know it made me hug my babies a little tighter tonight!!
Saturday, July 11, 2009

5 Year Anniversary... A Look Back :)

7 Years Ago

My friends Melody and Jay had been telling me for a few weeks about Bobby. I needed to meet him, he was so cute, and funny, and I would like him. Unfortunately I worked a lot .. and almost all weeknights and weekends! Well today I finally met him! They were right.. he is VERY cute, and quite funny.. and a GREAT kisser.. yes you heard that right.. we kissed within hours of meeting each other! He headed off to work, and I headed back into the party to consume a few Smirnoff Ice's and swoon over him!

7-2-02 8am
"Who the heck is calling me at 8am".. as I rushed from Jay's room to find my cell phone. It was Bobby.. and maybe he had been swooning to because there are not to many days after that, that we have not been together!

The text message read... " K I will call you at 9 to wake you up... I Love you!"
WHHHAATTT!!! I love you.. WOW!
My reply "I love you too!"

Hahaha I love technology!!!

OH MY GOSH... WHAT DO WE DO NOW... as we looked at the positive pregnancy test results!

6 Years Ago

A SUPER fun day of trying to combine all our stuff into a basement at my parents house! Let me say 5 months pregnant + Water bed= bad bad idea... you have no idea how many times it took me a half an hours to maneuver myself out of that bed!

One year together.. whew we move fast for 12 little months!

I got the proposal of my dreams.. at my baby shower.. HAHA :)

Jakob Lee Kimery, our baby was here. Watching Bobby beaming with pride as he held his of the greatest moments of my life! Although we said a lot of not so pretty things to each other at 3 am in the days that followed.. our love was SO much stronger after that day!

5 Years Ago

I became Mrs. Kimery in a Fairytale Wedding.. what a wonderful day.. I wish I could have it back to live over and over!!

After living a year and a half in our parents homes.. we got our own place! An 800 square foot apartment in San Bernardino, Ca. It wasn't glamour by any means, but it was all ours!

Bobby's application to Phoenix PD was sent... and not wanting a huge gap...we started trying for little Aiden!

1 year married... wow this would be huge if we were famous :) LOL

4 Years Ago

BIG NEWS TIMES TWO! We were expecting again!!! Also, Bobby was hired with Phoenix Police! Only a few more months before a whole new journey in our life begins!

With MANY tears shed we packed up the U haul, kissed our family and friends goodbye.. and headed off to the Valley of The Sun!

We are a family of 4! Aiden Robert Kimery.. our little Monkey was born!

With all of us who love him there to watch, Bobby was sworn in as a Police Officer. I was SO proud of him, watching his dream come true!

We got the keys to our first rental HOUSE! A backyard.. 4 rooms.. a garage.. what would we do with all that room! (HAHA... let me tell you, once we got all our stuff in there, and after almost 2 years I am surprised that little house didn't burst at the seams!!)

3 Years Ago

2 Years Married!! Sushi and a Movie.. a rare event and BIG deal when you have two kids!

The following months tested our love and strength of our marriage... we were both working... opposite shifts for most of the months, and opposite days off for all of them! We made it work, as we always do!

First trip without the kiddos. A week Mexican Cruise... SO MUCH FUN!

Bobby gave me a wonderful gift... the ability to quit my job and be a Full Time Mommy! I love and appreciate all the sacrifice and hard work this takes on his end!

Oh my where did time go.. we have a 3 year old and a 1 year old already!!! This was my thought this entire day!

2 Years Ago
We made it through a lot of hurdles... 3 years!!

We decided our renting days were over, and started the process to buy a home!

Yay! We got the keys to OUR home! This day was SO surreal!

1 Year Ago
4 years! SO many memories!

We have been parents for 5 years!!

Another bundle of joy is coming.. I had a bun in the oven!!

It's a Girl!!!


As I look back on the last 7 years.. one thing is for sure.. I am a lucky girl! Meeting Bobby and chasing our dreams together has been the most amazing time in my life! He has given me unconditional love, freewill to be exactly who I am, two wonderful sons, a daughter on her way, and a life we can be proud of! They say the first 5 years of marriage is the hardest.. and we have certainly gone through some rough patches.. but we made it! I still look at Bobby the way I did 7 years ago... only now I see someone I couldn't live without, my rock, my partner, my everything!
Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Way I See It...

Hmmm... Where have they gone???
Ah Ha.. there you two are!
Friday, July 3, 2009


I am actually waiting for the day that I wake up due to a crying newborn... today I wake up to myself... a sweaty, uncomfortable mess with a chest that is on fire! Lucy, I already LOVE you more then words could ever describe, and you are worth EVERY single second of this pregnancy... but boy oh boy! I know that when all is said and done, I may actually be sad to never be pregnant again, so I REALLY am trying to enjoy these last few weeks! However I want to be asleep at 4am.. I want to sleep on my stomach, I want to enjoy orange juice and spicy foods without the aftermath of heartburn, I want to have a normal body temperature, I want to spend less time crying over silly things.. like commercials, and home makeover shows... but mostly I want to hold my daughter! I want to watch my husband adore his little girl! Only 7 more weeks!!!!!
Thursday, July 2, 2009

This Is What Happens.....

When you tell little boys to go get themselves dressed in their pajamas:

They find the smallest, silliest, most weather inappropriate ensemble... and that is what they choose to wear :)
Oh.. and for those of you who have yet to see Lucy's nursery... that yellow wall behind my adorable boys would be your first glimpse! As soon as her bedding arrives I will have a full post with pics of the room :)!! Happy Thursday!!


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