Friday, April 25, 2008

The Thursday Three

1. My middle name is Danielle

2. I lived in Bullhead City, Arizona for 11 years as a child. I can remember wearing a swim suit to the store... everyone did, what can you expect in a river town! Moving to Cali was complete culture shock, but you know as much as I loved BHC.. I think I was predestined to be a Cali girl through and through!!

3. Bobby and I LOVE sushi.. LOVE IT!! On our date night...(haaaaa whats a date we usually see a movie and get sushi! We love all kinds of sea food.. I dont think I could have married a man that didnt..HaHaHa!!
Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Then and Now: What a Difference a Year can Make

It is amazing what a difference a year can make in a childs life. It is amazing how different they look, who they have became, all the things they have learned. Here is a shot of Aiden from last April:

And here is he this April:

See what a major difference just 365 days can make!!! He is getting so big so fast.. I just wonder who he will be next April :)!!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

the VERY last late Thursday Three

1. So I wake up to a text message from my hubby today that say " Hey honey.. Im am soooo sorry but I may have let a bird in the house and was to late to invesigate"!! AHHHHHHHH I do not like birds... or any wierd animals for that matter... and for sure not in my house!! So I call him and with him on the phone I investigate the situation.. sure enough there is a brid on my stairs!! I freaked out and swooshed the little scoundrel down the stairs and it hid. So I flung the backdoor open, grabbed a box of cereal bars, a bottle of juice, some lunch meat and crakers and dashed back upstairs. They boys and I stayed safely behind closed doors (minus one potty break) until Bobby got home and made sure our little visitor had flown away!!

2. When I was in high school my room was the basement of my parents house. There was a door to the backyard and one to the garage and on day I came home and found the backdoor wide open. I closed it and layed on my bed to read a book. Next thing I know a HUGE bird flies right by my face and I am FREAKING OUT! It is flying around going nuts and just misses me a few more times. By this time my screams had alerted my father and he came in and got the bird out. I really thought it was trying to attack me... very scary!!

3. Birds are out to get me... it is a BIG bird conspiracy!!
Sunday, April 13, 2008

Slip and Sliden the Day Away!!

The weather has been so nice lately that we couldnt resist bringing out the good ole' Slip and Slide Aiden got for his birthday :) The boys were having a rough time sliding so Bobby had a great idea and put the slide in front. They would go down the on thier bellies and just continue to fly down the slip and slide. Aiden is normally not a big water fan, but he was LOVING this! These pictures are priceless, I ecspecially love the ones of them and Bobby!! Something I will remember always!!

Here is one of Jakey ( I love his face, and Aiden in the background.. ADORABLE!!) :

Here is Aiden... ALL SMILES :) !!

Of Course Daddy got right in on the action! He would put them on his back, run and slide! By the time they reached the end they were all cracking up! It was SO cute!!

This one is my favorite... I love Bobby and Jakes faces... and of course there is little Aiden running behind with his huge smile!! Priceless just Priceless!!

Quote of the Day ( Love You Stacee :)

The dancer's body is simply the luminous manifestation of the soul.
-Isadora Duncan

Then and Now: Jakob and Daddy

This is one of my favorite pictures of Jakob and Bobby, Jakob is 10 months here: Jakey loved to be on Daddys shoulders when he was little. Ill admit it terrified me at times but he LOVED it!! And he still does: This one is from this past December :)
Saturday, April 12, 2008

Late Again :) Thursday Three

1. I have a TON of shoes! When we moved I had a big box and three crats full of them. Most of them are heels.. I love wedge heels and peep toes, they are my favorite! In a previous chapter of my life, I wore heels to work everyday. I could fly up ten flights of stairs, stand for hours and dance the night away, all in an adorable pair of stilletous. As the stay at home Mommy of two little guys I am more a flip flop kind of girl these days, but boy do I love the chance to get dressed up and wearing my heels again!

2. I love Lifetime movies! I usually DVR a bunch and then spend Sundays being lazy and watching them all!

3. I am very into anything vintage. My friends used to tease me and tell me I was born into the wrong era. I guess I just have an old soul. Antique stores are amoung my favorite places on earth. It goes further then antiques however. My GLAMma 's pcitures from her childhood literaly take my breath away. I love black and white films, and put on a Frank Sinatra song and I melt!! Those times just seemed so full of hope, romance and simplicity. I would love to spend some time in the past, but Id have to take my dvr, straightning iron and computer :)
Sunday, April 6, 2008

The Thursday Three... sorry its LATE!!

So I have been having technical difficulties with my computer, therefore I was unable to post on Thursday. I am now visiting family in California and thought I would post today :)

1. I LOVE TO BAKE! Well honestly I love to eat what I bake too, so therefore I do not bake as much as I would like, but when I do it is so FUN! I love making cupcakes for my kiddos playgroups and yummy treats for my hubbys co-workers! I think I love it as much as I do because, like sewing, I love seeing the final product of my hard work! Cupcakes can be art too..... RIGHT!!

2. Every car I have ever had has been a Chevy. My first car was a 1963 Nova, it was a BEAST! It didnt lock, started without a key, and made crazy noises, but let me tell you my friends and I had some FUN times in that car! My second car was Chevy Cavalier and I got it for my 19th Birthday. I felt like a queen driving a car that I didnt have to lean across the seat to open the window, or bang the dash when the radio went out! That was the car I drove Jakey home from the hospital in, moved my things to my first apartment, and it even came to AZ with us! Shortly after we moved we traded it in for my current car a Chevy Malibu! I do not think my next car will be Chevy, but for now and in past I have been a Chevy girl!!

3. I sing the song Beautiful Boy by John Lennon to my boys almost every night. Jakob calls it " The Mommy Song"!! It is beautiful and my favorite John Lennon Quote is a Lyric of this song.... " Life is What Happens to You While Your Busy Making Other Plans!" I can remember my parents singing many songs to me as a child, and I want my babies to have those memories too! They get an array of songs, but I am sure that this is the one that will stand out in their memories!

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