Friday, November 28, 2008

NO More Monkeys Jumping on the Bed!!!

My poor little monkey, who jumped off his bed onto his arm, is now left with a Fractured Growth Plate in his elbow! He was quite the little trooper through it all. First, he was telling me he was okay so he could go to school the morning after it happened ( after a trip to school, and a few tears later, he ended up missing school!). Then, he had to go in to do X-rays without me and was SO brave. The next day, he got another round of X-rays and sat still the whole time while they put his cast on! I was one proud Mama!! The news wasn't very good unfortunatly. The joint is fractured, and as long as it stays in it's current place for one week he will only need to wear the cast a few more weeks. If it moves out of place, he will need surgery! A little jump, became a BIG deal! Here is a picture of my little man with his cast:
Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Beautiful Bride

My little Sister was married on October 4th and of course she was a GORGEOUS Bride! Here is a picture of the happy couple on their big day:

It was a beautiful wedding, and the start of a wonderful life together :)!!

Five Years of Motherhood

My little Jake turned FIVE YEARS OLD on September 25th! It was a tear filled day as I thought back on those five years. His firsts, all the little quirks that made him who he is along the way, his BIG blue eyes, and amazingly sweet heart! I remember the first time I saw him, held him.. since that moment he has captivated my heart! I am a better person because of him, he made everything make sense!


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