Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Picture for Lucy

Jakob has been really into drawing lately. I love all his little stick figures, trees, and my favorite is when he draws our dog Oliver :).. it is so cute! The other day he brought me a picture he had drawn and asked if I could hang it in his baby sisters room. It was ADORABLE! He had drawn all five of our family members, each in our favorite color. Bobby was blue, I was purple, He was red, Aiden was green, and little Lucy was of course... pink. He also had drawn a big cloud with a rainbow coming off, using all our favorite colors in it! Needless to say, It will be framed and hung in Lucy's room. Here is the masterpiece:
Monday, May 18, 2009

A Trip Home Times Two

Every few years my Father's Birthday and Mother's Day are a shared event. Being that this year was one of those times, we headed off to spend the holiday in California! I was excited to be home for Mother's Day, but also because this was the first Mother's Day in 3 years that Bobby didn't have to work. Before we left he gave me a Gift Certificate to my favorite nail salon! It was enough for Pedi's through the rest of my pregnancy!! Saturday I spent the day shopping with my Mom and Sister and we we even went for dinner just the three of us! It was so much fun! Sunday we exchanged gifts, and my Dad got a ton of fun fishing gear.. he was in heaven! We ate a yummy, and messy dinner of crab legs at Joe's Crab Shack, and we left STUFFED! It is not a secret that I love weekends at home in California! Here are some family shots from that weekend:
Silly Boys

My Boys and I (and Lucy too :)

My Mama, Me, My Daddy, Sister and Brother

Jakey and Papa

Then on Wednesday of this past week, I got a call from my friend Melody. Mel and I have been friends for a LONG time. Over the past year she got Married and found out she was expecting, and the phone call was to let me know that little Mia Rose was on her way! We decided that he Bobby would watch the kiddos here at home for the weekend, and let me have a little mini vacation. So Saturday I drove to California to meet Melody's new little girl! The drive was so long, and quiet without my boys. As weird as it sounds, I missed thier noise! Every time we take that trip, Jakob and I do a city countdown about 45 minutes from my Parent's house. When we got to that point I turned around and said "Okay Jakey, let's start the countdown".. only to see an empty back seat! Though I missed my boys, the weekend was a lot of fun. Mia is the spitting image of Mel, beautiful and such a good baby! There was also a moment where My Mom, Dad, Brother, Sister, and I were all sitting in the living room. We realized it was the first time in a LONG time that it had been just the 5 of us. No spouses, grandchildren, no one but us. It was very strange without my boys, even if it was only overnight, I missed them so much. They had fun with Bobby.. walked to the park, went swimming in their pool, ate pizza! I am happy to be back home, but the weekend was a lot of fun! I certainly can't complain about getting to spend two consecutive weekends in California! Hope you all are having a great week!!


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