Monday, June 14, 2010

Vacation 2010- Part 1

We are back in the Arizona sun after a week of California vacation. We goAdd Imaget out there on Saturday and the first thing we did was visit my Sister in the home they recently bought. This is my Sister's first place and it was such a weird feeling walking up to Sarah's door. I had saw the house before they bought it, but it was much more "homey" and beautiful now! After a while of visiting we all packed up and went on to Mom and Dads. I was so stoked because my sister and Landon would be staying the whole week at Mom and Dad's too! Once we got there we relaxed, ate some yummy enchilada casserole my Mama made, and the kiddos swam.
Sunday was our first day at Disneyland. It was my little family, My Mama and Daddy, My Sister and her family, and my little Brother. We went to Fantasyland first and I must say that Landon and Aiden were not fans of those rides, and also that Disney movies were much darker back in the day :). Jakob was tall enough to ride Indiana Jones so all the big guys and Jakey headed over. I had been telling Jakob that Disney rides were safe and that millions of people ride them and come out smiling. This was to be his first big kid ride EVER. They waited in line, got on the ride, and wouldn't you know it.. it broke down! They had to be walked off.. haha! He had a tough time trusting the rides after that. We rode Pirates of the Caribbean, The Haunted Mansion, Nemo and many others and the kiddos were soon having a blast. Jakob and Aiden even rode the Matterhorn! Later in the day we even persuaded Jakob to ride Space Mountain.. he wasn't a fan, but he tried and we were proud! My Parents and Brother In Law had to work the next day and the kiddos were all exhausted, so the offered to take them home and let Bobby, my brother and I stay until closing. It was so fun! We rode all the fast rides and ate at IHOP at midnight! All in all it was a pretty fun day!
Monday started out super lazy... like jammies into the afternoon lazy :)!! Around one or so we got up and ready and went to visit Bobby's Dad and his Wife. The boys LOVE their "farm" . The farm consists of a pot belly pig, a goat, a few cats, 3 horses and a couple dogs who are as big as horses. They even had a few puppies this time. It was a great visit and the boys got to pet and feed all the animals! Lucy was excited because she got plenty of snuggles from Papa! I forgot my camera, so this is the only picture I have and it is from my phone. It is of the boys playing with the pig :)
( Wish I had pictures of Lucy with her Papa.. it was so cute!)

Tuesday was a very sad and difficult day. A week prior we had found out that a very close friend had passed away. Bobby and Justin had been friends for many years, and from the day I met him he treated me like I was a friend too. He was a son, a brother, a friend, a father, a soldier. If you knew him, you knew he loved to enjoy life and had a contagious smile. Tuesday was the day we had to say goodbye. The funeral was hard to say the least. As each person got up to speak one topic was brought up over and over.. Justin's huge heart and how much he cared about others. Bobby was heartbroken, and I cannot begin to imagine how difficult that day was for him. He gave a beautiful speech, I was very proud of him. He loved Justin. He misses him and I am sure he always will. Rest in Peace, we will see you when we get up there!

Part two of the Vacation coming soon :)!!!


Bethany said...

YAY!! You posted!! :) So glad to hear that you had such a fun time in Cali!! I know how exciting it is to get to go home and see family. And then reality hits and you have to come back to life - which stinks.

Big hugs my friend!


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