Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekend Randoms and the Floating Ghost Tutorial

Hello! We had a relaxing and fun weekend around here. We didn't do much, just decorated for Halloween and lazied around all day yesterday! Today we went to a first birthday party for a sweet little guy, which was a lot of fun, and the food was delicious!!!

A few weeks ago we were at Target and Aiden saw this stuffed animal crab, and was so bummed when I refused to spend $6 on it! I told him we would make one together, and yesterday we did just that! We also made Jakey a little spider as well. The boys helped cut, were so excited when we finished their new little buddies!

Yesterday I said I would show you how to make a floating ghost for Halloween decor, so here is a mini tutorial. 

So for this you will need cheesecloth or another gauzy fabric, a 2 liter soda bottle, a foam ball (usually in the floral section at the craft store), 2 sticks, 3-4 other bottles ( we used beer bottles, mostly because involving beer makes my husband much more interested in helping me with crafts), and some spray starch.

Step 1- Build your frame thingy (I don't know what else to call it) by pushing the foam ball into the two liter, and making small holes for the sticks.
Step 2- Drape the cloth over the frame, and put the other bottles around the sides (see picture)
Step 3- Spray the whole thing with starch. Be sure to press some to the floor and spray it well, as this is what will support him. Coat it all well, and let dry overnight.
Step 4- In the morning gently pull it away from the frame, add some felt eyes and a mouth and place him on a shelf or any flat surface!

1. Make sure it is ventilated where you spray, you will be using quite a bit and it gets strong.
2. The cloth should feel stiff in the morning, if it does not then so another coat of starch and let dry.
3. Do this on a floor that can handle being sprayed with starch, such as tile or concrete. We did it on our tile and it mopped up fine the next day.
4. When packing up the Halloween decor, fold the head of ghost inward, I did this and it was still pretty well shaped when I took it out this year. It made it simple to put over the frame and know where everything goes. Hope everyone had a nice weekend!!



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